About Us

Tickets Move is a Ticket marketplace owned by Faisal Munir group of companies and three main companies owned by the group are TicktsMove, BeepUAE (Which is a UAE based car buying service) and Car Registration Renewal(Which is a car registration renewal service in UAE).The group owns various other properties as well. Tickets Move acts as an intermediary between buyers and seller of tickets. All tickets on our site are listed by brokers and they are responsible for delivering them directly to the buyers. We just facilitate both the parties to sell and buy tickets.

Why Tickets on Tickets Move are above the face value?
Tickets Move operates in secondary event ticket market which means tickets on our site are based on the market value rather than the face value. Brokers list tickets on our site and prices are determined by them based on the famous demand and supply principle.

How Tickets Move offers cheap tickets?
We ensure that brokers don’t charge too high margins on the face value of tickets so that it can be a win win situation for both buyers and sellers of tickets. We charge nominal service fee on the ticket price and prices on our sites are much cheaper as compared to our competitors.

Tickets listed on Tickets Move are Authentic?
All tickets listed on Tickets Move are authentic and comes with 100% MONEY BACK guarantee.