5 Easy Steps to Become a Celebrity


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Things have changed drastically over the span of last two decades. Popularity, fame and stardom wasn’t an easy nut to crack, one had to work extremely hard to coin a good name for him/herself around town but not anymore. All you need to do is to take this 5 tips heads on and you are good to walk on the road where A-class celebrities walk otherwise. From their extravagant parties to the award ceremonies, you will be invited to all, your social media fan following would be larger even than the real celebs (who actually worked to be where they are today.

What are these 5 tips after-all which can transform you from a no-body to a superstar? Well first of all, get born into a rich family or simply make a s*x video which would be leaked “mistakenly”.  Because you are already a staggering model/ assistant/ actress/ designer, people would be excited to see your video which would give you the virility you crave for. Secondly make accounts on all popular social media and upload your selfies all the times. The third step revolves around you getting surgeries of literally every body part of yours. Do the surgeries and then deny them in the public to create buzz. After this, start taking half-naked pictures after every 2-3 days and post them on your social media accounts, your fan following will increase tremendously. The last step which is of course the most crucial, become a designer, of anything, make-up, jewelry, clothes or whatever you want to be and make fools out of people by selling ordinary things at extra-ordinary prices.

Congratulations! You are a celebrity now. Enjoy it before someone else follow all these tips and become more popular than you.

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