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Facts about 54-40

Origin- Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada

Genre- Rock, alternative rock

Became Famous- 1981

Interesting Fact-

The name of the band was taken from the slogan of James K. Polk’s presidential campaign ‘Fifty Four Forty or Fight’ that refers to his unsuccessful political agenda.


50-40 is one of biggest bands of Canada that originated as a trio consisting of a drummer Ian Franey, bassist Brad Merritt and guitarist Neil Osborne. They have cranked out hit after hit in Canada and earned great popularity. Emerged from the Canadian cultural landscape, 54 40 first performed at the dawn of 1981. With the release of their debut LP, Things Are Still Coming Ashore, the band began to generate buzz across Canada for its cool and rocking music. Since the beginning in 1981, the band has released 16 albums along with more than 2000 performances throughout the world. The evolution of the band roots back into the beginning of 1980 post-punk scene in Vancouver. The enthusiasm of the band for the independence led them to screen their own t-shirts and release their own recordings on tape.


The band’s self-titled second album began to capture the attention from radio and record buyers across Canada in 1986. The third album of the band, ‘Show Me’ reached to commercial success in Canada. The super hit songs of the album One Day in Your Life and One Gun became commercial breakthrough. The band reconfigured themselves as foursome in the late 80s by signing with Warner Brothers in US. Dear Dear in 1992 became their best selling album in the Canada. The popularity and continued success in their homeland helped them to pave their path in US with the release for 1995’s Smilin’ Buddha Cabaret.

The doors of the success opened for the band and its albums got tremendous success. A dark and cynical album of 1996 Trusted by Millions went platinum. The folk inflected sound album named ‘Since When’ certified gold in 1998. The band recorded magnificent albums including Casual Viewin’ (2000) followed by Goodbye Flatland (2003), Yes to Everything (2005), Northern Soul (2008) and Lost in the City (2011).

The band has been winning the hearts of fans by riding them on thrilling ride with their ability to redefine and reinvent themselves. Since 1981, the band has been bringing hit alternative rock tunes on the stage across the world. This is the band that has been maintaining a successful career for three decades. The die-hard fans of the band travel far and wide to enjoy the performances of their favorite band. Now you have chance to see them perform live in concert. Don’t miss out and grab your tickets right now to have maximum joy.