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Mannheim Steamroller


Fresh Aire: Fresh Aire (1975) Fresh Aire II (1977)Fresh Aire III (1979) Fresh Aire IV (1981) Fresh Aire Interludes (1981) Fresh Aire V (1983) Fresh Aire VI (1986) Fresh Aire 7 (1990) Fresh Aire 8 (2000) The Fresh Aire: Music of Mannheim Stearmroller (2011)

Christmas: Mannheim Steamroller Christmas (1984) A Fresh Aire Christmas (1988) Christmas in the Aire (1995) Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Live (1997) The Christmas Angel: A Family Story (1998) Christmas Extraordinaire (2001) Christmas Celebration (2004) Christmas Song (2007) A Candle Light Christmas (2008) Christmasville (2008) Christmas: 25th Anniversary Collection (2009) Christmas Symphony (2011) Christmas Symphony II (2013)

Other Albums: Saving the Wildlife (1986) Classical Gas (1987) Yellowstone: The Music of Nature (1989) Day Parts: Sunday Morning Coffee (1991) Day Parts: Dinner (1992) Day Parts: Party - Music That Cooks (1992) Day Parts: Romance (1992) Chip Davis Impressions (1993) Day Parts: Sunday Morning Coffee II (1993) To Russia with Love (1994) Day Parts: Party 2 - Music That Cooks (1995) Day Parts: Holiday Musik (1996) Huskers Musik (1997) Chip Davis' Renaissance Holiday (1998) Day Parts: Romance II (1998) In the Deed the Glory (1998) Mannheim Steamroller Meets the Mouse (1998) 25 Year Celebration of Mannheim Steamroller (1999) Romantic Melodies (2002) Halloween (2003) The Music of the Spheres (2007)

Sales and Awards: Six of their Fresh Aire Albums have gone Gold; 4 of their Christmas Albums have gone Platinum, 2 6X Platinum, 1 4X Platinum, 1 3X Platinum, 1 Gold; Grammy Award for Fresh Aire VII (1990). Classical Gas (1987) and Yellowstone: The Music of Nature (1989) also went Gold.

Performer Background

Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas records are the highest selling Christmas record of all time – with over 27 million records sold. Mannheim Steamroller has sold over 40 million albums putting them into the top 50 selling artists of all time. 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of their Christmas tour. It also marks the 40th anniversary of Chip’s first Fresh Aire album. They invite you to join them for their Extraordin-AIRE-y Mannheim Steamroller 30/40 year!

Chip Davis, founder of Manheim Steamroller got his start as a jingle writer. One of the jingles he created for Old Home Bread Company featuring CW McCall became a hit song in 1975 leading to the 1978 movie, “Convoy.” After the success of Convoy, he left the jingle business and recorded the album “Fresh Aire” and released the album under the name Mannheim Steamroller, a musical term describing a very particular crescendo of notes.

Their music is a classical style with a distinctive rock beat! It is a great combination for those of us who want to love classical music but miss the rhythm and beat of rock. They are one of the first groups characterized as New Age. Yet in my opinion a closer description is true classical rock – ie classical music with rock attitude. In addition to their Christmas music their compilation The Fresh Aire: Music of Mannheim Steamroller is simply beautiful. Their album Music of the Spheres features actual recordings from American space flights. It is very cool!

Their Christmas music is a blend of classic Christmas songs both secular and Christian along with some lesser known pieces. Their pieces include Carol of the Bells, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Hark the Harold Angels Sing along with lesser known songs such as Faeries and Gagliarda. True to their style these are both your grandparents Christmas songs and yours combining that classical sound with a distinctively rock rhythm! Perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

Another interesting fact is their combination of food and music. In addition to being an outstanding musician, Chip Davis also has a cookbook and food line. You can find some of his favorite recipes on-line and shop for Chip’s food items like Plum Chutney, 4 Pepper Sauce, or Finishing Sauce.

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